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High Energy Dog Walking

High Energy Dog Walking

We hit the beach, parks and trails!

Let your Inner Dog Out!

Let your Inner Dog Out!

Group Play

Group Play

We provide exercise, socialization, and what every dog truly needs in their day.

"Staycation" While You're Away

"Staycation" While You're Away

Overnights are a full 24 hours!

Positive Socialization

Positive Socialization

Create balance in your dog's life and your own.

Bark at Us Today!

Bark at Us Today!

Schedule a meet & great for free!

At Dog Tired our philosophy is as simple as our name...

get your dogs tired! Through our daily high-energy, off-leash Adventure Pack Walks and Dog Walking services, our pack-mates are mentally and physically stimulated.

A tired dog is happy dog... and an even happier owner!




We hit the trails and beach at Fiesta Island daily, providing the best high energy, and quality exercise for your pup.

Run. Splash. Play. We love being Dog Tired!

Off Leash Adventure Pack Walks

IMG_2924 2.HEIC

Dog Boarding that feels more like a Staycation! All overnight services are done in our personal homes, providing a comfortable environment for your pup.

Staycations & Boarding


Our all day pack adventures are a great alternative to being cooped up in an enclosed day-care center.

Fun, exercise and socialization is guaranteed!

All Day Group Play


Teach the same dog you love some new tricks. Dog Tired San Diego is here to help create balance in your dog's life using positive reinforcement techniques.

Training & Puppy Classes

Pacific Beach, Bird Rock, Mission Beach, Bay Ho, Bay Park, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Liberty Station, Clairemont, Old Town, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, Bankers Hill, Golden Hill,  Little Italy, Hillcrest, Normal Heights, University Heights, North Park, and South Park.


Pet Sitters International Insured & Bonded - Dog Tired San Diego

Pet Sitters International

Insured & Bonded

Pet First Aid Certified - Dog Tired San Diego

Pet First Aid Certified


Online Scheduling & Client Portal - Dog Tired San Diego

Online Scheduling

& Client Portal

Background Checked - Dog Tired San Diego

Background Checked

Free Pick Up & Drop Off - Dog Tired San Diego

Free Pick Up & Drop Off

Flexible & Last Minute Schedules - Dog Tired San Diego

Flexible & Last Minute


No Weekend Fees - Dog Tired San Diego

No Weekend Fees

Affordable Dog Walking - Dog Tired San Diego

Affordable Dog Walking

Daily Updates & Photos - Dog Tired San Diego

Daily Updates

& Photos



Maisy & Susan
Coral & Sarah
Bailey, Boujis & Nicole
Athena & Jenny
Frank, Ashley & Garrett
Whitby & Lindsay


Client Review - Dog Training in San Diego


Dog Tired San Diego

4209 Florida St.

San Diego, CA, 92104

Tel: 619-980-9690

Fax: 619-863-1582

Thank you for barking at us! We will be contacting you as soon as we can!

*Due to high volume we are only accepting clients that reside in our Service Area. Thank you!



Dogs love to run. Is your dog highly active? Overweight? Or quite simply getting into trouble when you're not there? With our high energy outings, we have you covered. The benefits of running around with their pack mates is not only physically stimulating, but mental as well. A tired dog is a happy dog... and an even happier owner. Your dog and your family will reap the rewards of their Dog Tired adventures.

All Day Off-Leash Adventure Pack Walk


Living in San Diego, California has its benefits! We take advantage of the beautiful weather everyday. We hit the dog beach and the dogs hit the water. Swimming is a great way to burn energy and is easy on the joints. Even if your dog doesn't like the water, no dog can resist to dip their feet in.

High Energy Dog Walking near San Diego Beach

What dog doesn't love to play? We constantly interact with the pack to encourage them to play and then play some more. Our tightly knit groups of 6 or less make it easy to make friends and find balance within the pack. It doesn't matter if a dog is big or small, young or old... Dog Tired Pack Leaders ensure cohesion within the pack at all times. If they are not having fun, we are not doing our job!​

High Energy Dog Walking on San Diego Beach


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